MILWAUKEE, WI, January 9th, 2017 /PRNewswire/ AZH (Advancing the Zenith of Healthcare) launches a Limb Preservation Center, the first of its kind in the Midwest.  This novel specialized facility integrates excellence in wound care and vascular medicine for the management of peripheral vascular disease and ulcerative critical limb ischemia into one disease-focused medical practice.  AZH Centers combine medical expertise, procedural proficiency and cutting edge technology to achieve optimal clinical and economically efficient outcomes.

Significant growth in the wound care market is expected due to the aging of the Baby-Boomer generation combined with the explosive increase in the incidence of diabetes and obesity.  More than 89 million patients are treated annually for all wound conditions and the yearly cost of treating these conditions is estimated at $20-25 billion. Foot ulcers affect 600,000 diabetic patients annually, with complications leading to more than 80,000 amputations each year.  Medicare alone spends an estimated $1.5 billion on treating diabetic foot ulcers each year.  Health Care Reform is shifting health care from a treatment based system to a prevention and wellness system with reallocation of resources to outpatient care facilities (Non-Hospital Based).  Providing care for these patients via hospital-based clinics motivated by admissions, procedures and hospitalizations is no longer a financially viable approach. AZH will provide advanced wound care services, including hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and vascular diagnostic and interventional services to achieve clinical outcomes that meet and exceed those obtained at hospital-based facilities, while at the same time delivering this care with efficiency and reduced costs.

AZH under the direction of Jeffrey A. Niezgoda, MD is an innovative entrepreneurial company founded on the core principle of dedication to excellence in Vascular Medicine and Wound Care and Regenerative Services.