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October Case Study

This is a 75 year old female with a history of significant left arm swelling of a chronic nature, with heaviness, tiredness, swelling, tingling of the left arm that developed after a port placement via the left subclavian approach for her breast cancer chemotherapy.  The porta-cath was removed post-treatment.  Following this, she developed significant swelling of the left arm with symptoms as mentioned.  On physical exam. there was 5 cm circumferential differential between the left and the right arm, with left arm being larger.  Ultrasound of the left arm suggested possible left axillary […]
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Clinical Connection / January 2019

Video Vignette

The AZH center is patient centric, providing quality care focused on outcomes and wellness.  Our wound and lymphedema specialists work closely together to provide the best outcomes for patients.

Listen to Lymphedema patient Laurine as she describes her experience…
AZH provided “everything I needed, in one spot”.

Case of the Month

This 60 year old non-diabetic female with chronic venous insufficiency, ulceration and lymphedema presented to AZH Wound & Vascular Centers with BLE venous ulcers. She was evaluated and treated by both wound care and the lymphedema specialist. Wound treatment included […]

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Clinical Connection / December 2018

Happy Holidays – Video Vignette

The Staff of AZH Wound & Vascular Center would like to wish you a Healthy and Happy Holiday Season.  We hope you enjoy this festive video greeting! We look forward to serving you and your patients in 2019.

Case of the Month

It Take a Team Approach to Provide Limb Salvage:   This 65 year old male, with PMH positive for DM, CAD, HTN and PAD, presented to AZH Wound & Vascular Centers with a necrotizing infection of his Right Foot.  He was evaluated […]

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Clinical Connection / November 2018


Case of the Month

Venous Insufficiency & Ulceration:  A 68 year old female with a long standing history of BLE leg swelling, leg cramping and nocturnal restless legs presented for wound care evaluation after developing a leg ulcer 2 years earlier.  She had been seen and treated without success at several local wound care clinics. On her initial visit to AZH Wound Center, diagnostic arterial and venous Duplex studies were obtained. No significant arterial compromise was identified, but the patient did demonstrate severe venous hypertension with insufficiency of bilateral great […]

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