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1211, 2019

The What, Why and How of Varicose Veins

November 12th, 2019|News, Wound and Vascular News|

First things first: The What

We have all experienced being stuck in a traffic jam at some point in our lives. That jam is usually caused by a problem causing blockade on the road. The blockade results in the choking of traffic on the route. In our body, our blood is like the many drivers that travel each day and the vessels or the tubes are the roads that are spread across the body. 


Veins are the roads that bring the weary travelers back home from work. Medically speaking, veins’ responsibility is to transport blood drained of oxygen from the periphery of the human body back to the heart. The veins are mainly of two types. One type exists under the muscles. The other is just under the layer of fat beneath the skin. If we look closely at our skin we can see bluish purple lines peeking […]