A wound or ulcer can be a serious medical problem for an individual, and a challenge to heal for many healthcare providers.  Wound healing may require specialized treatment offered by expert providers. AZH is comprised of a clinical staff of physicians, advanced nurse practitioners and nurses with extensive experience, knowledge and skill, dedicated to clinical excellence and achieving optimal outcomes.  Basic wound care typically consists of appropriate local care including moist dressings, control of infection, and selective use of débridement, compression, and pressure relief.   Optimization of medical problems including arterial and venous vascular compromise, diabetes management, lymphedema therapy and nutritional support is also important.  AZH provides wound care using evidence-based algorithms intelligently modified to match individual needs. When basic wound healing efforts fail to provide the desired results advanced techniques and modalities maybe required.  AZH Centers provide medical expertise, procedural proficiency and are leaders in the delivery of cutting edge technology to achieve optimal clinical and economically efficient outcomes.