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The Medical Condition of Edema and its Treatment

Normal people call it swelling, doctors call it Edema. In other words, Edema is the medical term used for swelling. When a body part swells due to any medical condition such as inflammation, infection, pregnancy, medicinal side effect, external trauma, it is because our small blood vessels leak the trapped fluid into the nearby tissues causing them to bulge outward in a rather painful manner known as Edema. It can happen anywhere, inside or outside the body.

Causes of Edema

Edema can be caused by various outward or inward agents; lack of proteins […]

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Edema is a disease which is also curable with Natural Herbal ingredients

Edema a disease cause suffering for many people all over the world. Edema is a disease which cause fluid accumulation throughout the body. It causes swelling on serval parts of the body, mostly it effects human legs, feet, ankles and sometime hands. Edema is found to be diagnose in male and female both its symptoms, causes and edema treatment will be discuss here.

What are the causes of Edema?

  • Excessive salt intake
  • Use of medicine
  • inactivity
  • Malnutrition
  • Menopause
  • Menstruation and pregnancy

Symptoms of Edema

Normally we don’t pay attention on which is swelling […]

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The What, Why and How of Varicose Veins

First things first: The What

We have all experienced being stuck in a traffic jam at some point in our lives. That jam is usually caused by a problem causing blockade on the road. The blockade results in the choking of traffic on the route. In our body, our blood is like the many drivers that travel each day and the vessels or the tubes are the roads that are spread across the body. 


Veins are the roads that bring the weary travelers back home from work. Medically speaking, […]

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Exactly why Individuals and their families Appreciate your casino.

It’s also wise check out the man or women characteristics that many slots online games include – these characteristics who truly change exactly how much a person win. These features feature nuts symbols, which replace other significance to hit gaining products, break up value, the fact that encourage 100 % free revolves in addition to plus models, and additionally multipliers, intended to multiply any payout to generate one last pay out a lot of nicer. There is absolutely no cost to pass the time all these no charge slots. Really the […]

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